About Us


EQ World is dedicated to teaching Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in an engaging and thought-provoking way, blending fun and learning processes that translate into positive shifts and breakthrough results.

We deliver proven EQ programs to accelerate positive change – in business, government, and education. With 20 years of experience conducting EQ programs in the Asian region, their consultants have supported clients in Singapore and throughout ASEAN including AMEX, HSBC, SIA, Shell, Hewlett Packard and many more leading companies. These learnable skills – including emotional literacy, optimism, empathy, trust, building effective relationships, management of impulses, and resiliency – create self-awareness, self-management, and self-direction.

We utilize EQ profiling, personality and behavioral profiling, coaching and psychotherapy to guarantees results with those who seek change and transformation.

What We Specialise In

Our aim is to help people achieve a much higher capacity of thinking about different areas of their lives so as to experience much greater levels of personal achievement. Although EQ is presented frequently as conceptual, our work is not just cognitive. Our main intention is to keep experimenting and using different strategies that allow people to experience noticeable change.

Our Core Team

EQWORLD is dedicated to teaching Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in an engaging and thought-provoking way, blending fun and learning processes that translate into positive shifts and breakthrough results.


Nagarajan is Co-Founder, EQ & High Performance Coach at EQ World India. His areas of expertise encompass EQ based Personal Mastery Coaching, Executive Coaching, New Leader Assimilation, Building High Performance Teams, & Change Management. Nagarajan has worked with CXO’s of different industries in giving shape to their business and personal career roadmaps, in helping them navigate critical challenges in personal effectiveness such as ineffective communication, lack of an anchoring purpose, unawareness of blind spots and key strengths, and in organization development by helping address team dysfunction, loss of motivation and engagement.

He has worked with over 25,000 Millennials in the last decade and supported hundreds of Corporate Professionals and Leaders to be high performers in areas of importance to them. Being purposeful, self aware, playing to their strengths, leading meaningful and balanced lives are some of the key outcomes Nagarajan’s clients realise through his coaching program. Nagarajan’s Leadership paradigm has evolved from his 15 years of experience coaching, mentoring, & guiding Leaders across diverse industries. In tandem with his skills as EQ & Enneagram Coach, Nagarajan’s training programs for Corporates aim at setting up a ‘coaching culture’ that fosters collaboration, communication, and acceptance of change. His sessions are outcome based, and he uses a unique blended approach consisting of EQ tools, Enneagram evaluations, NLP exercises, and belief clearing techniques to facilitate transformational shifts in perspectives, which encourage and equip individuals and organizations to align to the best versions of themselves.

Veena Ramanath

Veena is a Conscious Culture Enabler, Conscious Leadership Coach, and Metamotivation Coach with 16 years of work experience across Manufacturing, IT, ITES, Education & Training.

She works with Start-up entities on processes for Organizational Development, and facilitates Learning and Development Interventions for building a ‘Conscious Organization Culture.’ Veena has worked with Business Owners to formulate their Organizational Vision and Mission, in alignment with their personal goals. By giving shape to Organizational road maps and blueprint, she enables establishment of a work culture embedded with their purpose, and core values.

She supports Leaders at all levels of the Organization through the ‘Conscious Leadership Paradigm’ which entails Self-Awareness led Development Interventions and focus on Leading with Purpose and Conscious Communication. Veena’s training sessions on mental wellness for Corporate professionals are centred on Mindfulness and Resilience. Her core areas of facilitation are Personal Effectiveness, Conscious Leadership, Manager Essentials, Mindfulness at Work, High-Performance Team Building, L&D Interventions for Culture Building, Conscious Communication, & Campus to Corporate Programs.

Veena has facilitated these sessions in Organizations such as TVS Electronics, Reserve Bank Innovation Hub, ITC Infotech, Grundfos, Saint Gobain, Sri Aurobindo Society, Resulticks, FA Software, FourKites, Magzter, etc.

Veena is an Engineering graduate with a Master’s in Business Administration from Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA, Chennai). She is a Certified Enneagram Coach, a practitioner of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). Veena is also certified in NLP Foundation. She is trained in Reiki and Energy Healing, and uses tools of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Coaching modalities to enable individuals to tap into their best version through practices of Conscious Living, Leading,& Working


Certified EQ Coach (Dr. Granville Ed D’Souza and Marion Nicole Teo)

Certified Level 2 Ennneagram Coach (Dr. Jerome Wagner and Dr. Granville Ed D’Souza)

Certified Enneagram Coach for High Performance Team Building (Ginger Lapid-Bogda)

Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner ( NLP Trainer & Coach, Onefluencer-India)


Ken is Co-Founder and Brand Consultant at EQ World India. He is also Head of Investments and New Business Opportunities of OGC, a growth consulting firm.

He is an entrepreneur with a zest for discovering potential niche business opportunities. Ken has a decade-long proven track record in effective Customer Engagement through immersive M.I.C.E (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, & Exhibitions) and Experiential Marketing. He is a travel aficionado, and makes the most of his travels by establishing a reliable and vast network of meaningful connections worldwide. Ken has a strong business acumen, and is committed to building lasting, lucrative businesses that have hitherto been under explored. A reliable collaborator with strong work ethics, Ken believes in synergetic business associations to build successful enterprises. Ken holds a Master’s degree in M.I.C.E and Tourism Management from Nanyang Institute of Management – Singapore.