Patrick Hefti

Head of Securities & Client Operations, LGT Bank (SG) Ltd

Thanks for the course and I really enjoyed the two days. I found your overall program very good (as well as your presentations) and it provides a lot of useful input to improve my overall EQ.


Lynn Siah

PA to Deputy President (Academic), Singapore Institute of Technology

I like the course because the trainer is very knowledgeable and he is open for all questions. He gives good answer(s) too.


Fion Leow

Legal Executive, Legal, Singapore Institute of Technology

An outstanding workshop! It has taught me to manage or regulate myself more effectively and deepen my self-awareness. During the workshop, the content discussions, activities and self-understanding check had challenged my thinking about emotional intelligence and its relevance. Importantly, this workshop helps me to pick up the skill of building tolerance and flexibility of matters. I would recommend this workshop to all who want to build their emotional intelligence, develop their skill of EQ awareness and learn to increase their capacity to acknowledge and appreciate themselves and people around. I sincerely appreciated your experiences shared during the workshop. I believe most of us had shared the same experiences before but are unaware of how our emotional intelligence had led us to deal with situations or consequences. I look forward to attending more courses you may conduct. THANK YOU!!


Karen Au

Dean’s Office, National University of Singapore

Thank you for making the course a very, very enjoyable one. I definitely laughed a lot in this one 😉 Gran, last but not least, thank you soooooooooo much for all that you’ve shared, your knowledge, your experiences, your thoughts.


Annets Cheong

Head, Human Resources, HSH-Nordbank

I truly enjoyed every minute of your seminar. The contents of your seminar is realistic and very applicable in work as well as in my personal life. It has definitely raised my self awareness and helps me to live each day happier and safer. I have benefited from it greatly and will not hesitate to recommend it to my colleagues and friends.


Christina Kuek

Head of Human Resources, LGT Bank (SG) Ltd

I’ve found your workshop very engaging and practical. I enjoyed your energizing games and the various group discussions that could enable participants to share experiences and views. I’ve also picked up more skills and techniques to control my emotions better and be more patient in listening.


Dr. Glenn Tan

Registrar, Dept of Anaesthesia, Alexandra HospitalJurong Health Services

Success And Peak Performance At Work With EQ course run by Six Seconds is fun and interactive. Dr Granville knows his stuff well and is an engaging speaker as well as an active listener. Go in with an open mind and you will find it emotionally stimulating! Be prepared to share your thoughts and feelings for you will be enriched by the experience… my batch of coursemates was a heterogenous mixture of professionals and I found their insights on EQ fascinating.


Ma Tien Toi

EQ Trainer & Coach, Vietnam

Integrating cutting edge neuroscience and powerful activities, Success And Peak Performance At Work With EQ will forever change the way we understand ourselves and our relationships. I will bring this program to Vietnam. Granville is not only an admirable EQ leader but also a great coach. I am really impressed with his years of experience and his proven methods.


Peter Leow

Head – PMO, ITIL Compliance and Security, Regional Managed Services, Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd

I attended the course Leading with Social & Emotional Intelligence conducted by Granville D’Souza. To simply sum it up, EXCELLENT! Granville is a very friendly, knowledgeable and engaging speaker that is full of energy and enthusiasm. I learn a lot about how the mind and the heart works, the emotional part of us, conquering fears and frustration. It is really cool! Gran parted his experience and training to us and with some practice, it has help me look at issues, cases, situations from a very different angle, thus enabling conflicts to be resolved much easier and more amicable. The course is a real eye opener, sort of thinking outside the box; compared to many other courses I have attended that tries to teach the typical method of resolving issues, this course is far superior to others and I would be keen for students to know this. The techniques to improve approachability, team building and positive reinforcements are excellent and I have recommended my leads to take advantage of this highly valued learning experience.


Tan Teck Yiang

Regional Mobile Sales Specialist, Singtel

Granville is a very passionate trainer who genuinely wants to pass on his knowledge and tools to his workshop attendees for their benefit in their personal and professional lives. He makes everyone in the class feel comfortable and engages at the personal level, even willing to discuss and help special cases outside of workshop hours. I would highly recommend Dr D’Souza and his workshops as he has so much knowledge and experience to share and to help.