EQ WORLD is dedicated to teaching Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in an engaging and thought-provoking way, blending fun and learning processes that translate into positive shifts and breakthrough results.

Emotional Intelligence Training Courses

EQ WORLD is committed to teaching Emotional Intelligence (EQ) certification courses in an exciting and stimulating manner, mixing learning and fun. These processes result in positive changes and excellent outcomes.

We utilize personality, EQ profiling, behavioral profiling, coaching, psychotherapy to guarantee results for those seeking transformation and changes.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Integrating cutting edge neuroscience and powerful activities, Success And Peak Performance At Work With EQ will forever change the way we understand ourselves and our relationships. I will bring this program to Vietnam. Granville is not only an admirable EQ leader but also a great coach. I am really impressed with his years of experience and his proven methods.

Ma Tien Toi

EQ Trainer & Coach, Vietnam
Granville is a very passionate trainer who genuinely wants to pass on his knowledge and tools to his workshop attendees for their benefit in their personal and professional lives. He makes everyone in the class feel comfortable and engages at the personal level, even willing to discuss and help special cases outside of workshop hours. I would highly recommend Dr D’Souza and his workshops as he has so much knowledge and experience to share and to help.

Tan Teck Yiang

EQ Trainer & Coach, Vietnam
I am glad that I attended the workshop as it was very insightful, especially the ‘tapping technique’. Before this, I was not aware of this ‘re-boot yourself’ technique. I enjoyed myself at the workshop as it was not a case of a monologue but it was engaging and involved a lot of participation from the attendees.

Leong Siew Wai

Head of Compliance, Legal & Compliance Dept, LGT Bank (SG) Ltd
Marion is thoroughly prepared for the workshop and is meticulous with her details. Her warm and engaging personality made it easy for all levels of participants to relate with her and the subject that she is training. Other than finding the course very helpful, the participants had great fun attending Marion’s workshop.

Ms Jacquelynne Lee

Head, Human Resource, John Hancock Life Assurance Co Ltd


    Creative Solutions

    Let us be your sounding board…leave it to the expertise of our Design team led by Dr Granville D’Souza and Marion Teo. And with a combined team of designers and trainers from around the globe including the US, Japan, Indonesia, India, Middle East and Singapore, rest assured, we will add a global edge and perspective to the lessons. Let’s work together with our full service design department to really make your learning pop.

    Leading with EQ

    An engaging two-day program where participants develop Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to increase their effectiveness at the “people side” of leadership.

    Success and Peak Performance At Work With EQ

    Anyone looking into breakthrough results in their lives and at work.

    EQ practitioner certificate

    This 4-day EQ Certification meant for keynote speakers, consultants, facilitators and coaches will equip you with content, activities, research, templates, guides and ready handouts to deliver EQ interventions immediately to varied audiences internationally.

    Self Mastery and Authentic Communication with Enneagram

    This program offers a powerful and dynamic personality system that describes nine distinct and fundamentally different patterns of thinking, feeling and acting. The tool enables individuals within organizations to understand their own and others’ motivations and behavior patterns, and to communicate and work more effectively with each other. You will never look at each other the same way after this workshop.

    Influential Leadership with Enneagram

    The Influential Leadership with Enneagram is a practical program that brings depth to the 9 personality types. It is meant for Leaders wanting to advance their knowledge and competence in self-improvement and Leading. The program will fundamentally bring a depth of awareness of oneself and open new and rich insights about team members and those whom you influence and lead.

    Our Executive Team

    EQWORLD is dedicated to teaching Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in an engaging and thought-provoking way, blending fun and learning processes that translate into positive shifts and breakthrough results.



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